Home and mobile technology at it's finest.

Technology that makes life easier.

Satisfaction in all fields

Our destination is move to the top level to the benefit that we offer to our customers with life-facilitating technology at houses and workplaces in Turkey.

Good technology is Turkey's claim!

Technology for everyone

From kindergarten to university, students of all ages, medium and large sized KOBI's, civil servants, retirees, low and middle income internet users, in short, technology for everyone. There are devices that appeal to every user in every product, from laptop to satellite receiver. "Good technology is Turkey's Claim" approach with technology products for all ages and can be easily cut and with our aim to make available.

Together is stronger

Strategic Partnership

We are stronger now with Microsoft and Intel. Our products that come with the exclusive Windows operating system always provide superior quality. Intel's enhanced processor and system infrastructure provide superior performance.

The relationship between Microsoft and Hometech goes back to the game and X-Box distributorship of Aral Inc., becoming a formal business partnership on Windows products in 2014. Thanks to its dynamic staff and extensive sales network, Hometech has become Turkey's best-selling Windows tablet supplier. Hometech offers the most innovative Windows tablet, two in one, laptop and mini computers to Turkey, aiming to be the leading Microsoft partner in Turkey by delivering the most advanced technologies to a wide audience.

Together with Microsoft, Hometech focuses on delivering products suitable to corporate customers' requests and projects, including custom solutions in different sectors, including education, telecommunications, retail to public and private institutions.

To meet Turkey's advanced technology needs, in 2014 Hometech partnered with the world's largest and most developed chip manufacturer, Intel. That partnership has enabled us to offer high performance, quality, and stability in tablets with Intel processors have at an an accessible price, leading to impressive customer satisfaction.

The Hometech and Intel partnership continues to progress with notebook, mini, 2-in-1 computers, and other innovative products. We'll continue to develop innovative products with Intel in the future.

You can come up to it everywhere

It will be indispensable of your life

You may encounter at least one Hometech device in every area you need. It addresses all the needs of home and business. Our prior destination is Turkey to introduce the technology.